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Ford Focus RS Review

Ok so firstly, wow, this is how a performance hatch should be. Proper Recaro bucket seats, 3 pedals, hard suspension, and a properly naughty engine. 5 cylinders will always be my favourite.

This particular Focus RS has a plethora of upgrades that take the car to a whole new level. The already impressive 300 bhp has been raised to a whopping 413 bhp thanks to a stage 4 map and some internal upgrades. Basically, “it breath more air and bang harder.” And whilst that power figure is impressive in itself, it’s the torque that really impresses. This car has gone from 324lbft (440nm) to an absolutely mind bending 525lbft (710nm). To put that in perspective, that’s 53nm more torque than a Ferrari Enzo and 32nm more than a Mclaren 650S, a turbo charged v8 racing engine!

Now some of you who already know this car will say, “it’s only front wheel drive so there’s no way you could ever use that power.” Well, it even surprises me to say this, but you’re wrong. Somehow, the quaife diff fitted to this car manages the power beautifully and allows you to extract all that juicy torque. Well, once you’re in third gear that is. First and second are really there to just get you moving forward, but once you’re in third you can leave it there on the twisties and move the earth beneath you upon exiting a corner.

Handling wise, it’s surprisingly composed and deals with the bumps better than expected. In terms of comfort, let me put it this way. A golf GTI is like getting Swedish massage, firm enough to feel what muscles are being prodded but nothing uncomfortable. The Focus RS on the other hand, is the 70 year old, 18 stone Asian lady with fully callused hands the size of your face that’s there to move your vertebrae into your organs.

But that’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. It’s a true hot hatch, unforgiving, yet rewarding. The steering isn’t bad either. There’s the odd occasion where it tries to make you part of a tree, but I think that just down to the insane amounts of power going through the front wheels. And again, that just makes it more engaging, more smile inducing, more heart palpitating, more spine tingling (cough) shattering and just over all a properly exciting car to drive.

Even if the driving experience isn’t enough, the sound of that 5-cylinder just warbles your ears with the sound of thunder, and the occasional lightning, basically it spits fire, not like a flash, more like a “don’t stand behind me or I’ll light you up fam.”

I say “fam” because, well, this car isn’t exactly understated. It likes to wear its hat on backwards, have its jeans half way down its legs, and give you a cheeky middle finger whilst it drives past making unruly noises.

Basically, if you like to drive, I mean really drive. This car will feel right at home on your driveway.

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This article is based on opinion, always do your own independent research.