ULEZ, What is it

What is ULEZ and how does it affect you?

Live in the London area? Commute through or into London everyday by car?

Well if so, then you’re likely to be affected by ULEZ.

ULEZ or the (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) started in April of 2019 to help reduce the amount of harmful gases that are emitted every day in central London. The zone covers a large part of central London, spanning all the way from Marylebone to White Chapel. By 2021 the zone will expand to everything inside the north and south circular.

To be exempt from the charge you’ll need a diesel car that meets EURO 6 emissions standards, or, if you drive a petrol car, it’s EURO 4.

So that’s great, right? Less emissions, less people getting sick from pollution. Well. The problem is the way they’ve gone about doing it.

Instead of revolutionising our already strained public transport infrastructure to accommodate for commuters, they introduced a daily charge of £12.50 to drivers who use cars that don’t meet the latest emissions standards.

That’s a bad thing. Mainly because people who drive those cars don’t often drive them out of choice, but out of necessity, and now they’re going to be penalised for it. You’re not going to carry all of your plumbing equipment to a clients’ house, are you? No. You’re going to use that reliable and cheap to run van or car you’ve had for the last 14 years.

Except now you’re just going to be paying an extra £12.50 a day, or you can fork out for a newer, cleaner vehicle.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as you could get up to £3,500 towards your new car if it’s a plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

You might also be thinking, “hey, what about the 21,000 black cabs? They’re mostly old diesel cars, aren’t they?” Well you’d be right. Some of those cabs have been tested and are emitting up to 30 times more harmful gases than the equivalent car.

Thankfully those taxis are slowly but surely being replaced for the newer cleaner version.

In the end, I certainly think we could have done it a much better way. By enticing people into better options instead of penalising them, like roomy trains that don’t melt you during the summer months, having disabled access at every station, greener buses with fully dedicated road infrastructure and cycle lanes that don’t just end lumping you into potentially dangerous moving traffic.

The main thing is we’ve started a much needed clean-up of our city.

If you’re looking for a newer car that complies with ULEZ regulations we can help you out.

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This article is based on opinion. You should always do your own independent research.